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The Instigator

gina e. cline

 I come from the ancient source of building. We are all architects are we not? We build our worlds; our lives. Some worlds are built for us. Some we build for others. But we build nonetheless. And that is what I do with thrown away and overlooked steel and forgotten objects. I build because that is in my blood. I create because I must. It is the never ending YES! that burns deep in all of us. The YES! that we are here. And that it matters.

My bent is to show the beauty of steel in all of its ages of life. 


The Accomplice

forrest w. cline

From a very young age, I've been drawn to steel-mainly in the Ford variety. Perhaps defined most perfectly by a '32 roadster. Creating/creativity is an everyday occurrence for me; it is a way of being in the world. If I don't have it and I need it, I make it out of any material readily available. That is the challenge. This is the way. 

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