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Welcome to SteelPopShop where we redevise the already devised. Years of hanging around my Pop's shop eventually led to the inception of SteelPopShop. To understand where we are coming from with our work, allow us to share what we know to be true. Steel holds form. It brings structure to our environments. It protects us. It gets us where we want to go. It helps us fulfill our dreams. In a sense, it is the nature humans created from nature. We honor this thought by acknowledging that all extra steel bits, all cast offs, all pieces of misfits have a place.

At SteelPop, we create pieces that strive to illuminate the beauty of steel in its proudest found moment.

Explore our pieces below.

Take me to The Altar Project

Here's the Thing




And that

Pop n MeJPG_edited.jpg

= Infinite Potential

Speak to us. Our ears are in excellent condition.

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